EDILCANAPA, building a better future


EDILCANAPA is the Metalinea brand born in 2014 to develop and manufacture eco-friendly materials for building.

Natural materials conceived for environmental protection to improve human life quality.

Inspiration comes from the past, from the recovery of ancient plant: the SATIVA HEMP, mixed with pure natural hydraulic LIME.

They are free from any harmful substances and able to absor exceeding humidity creating a well being living environnement.


EDILCANAPA has wide range of products for new contractions, renovations, requalifing ensuring great thermal performances ..

They are heat insulating, dehumidifying, hygroscopic and therefore permeable to water vapor but at the same time resistant to frost, fire, insects and rodents.

Edilcanapa conglomerate or bio-brick adapts perfectly to any kind of load-bearing frame, whether it is in wood, steel or reinforced concrete.

Premixed materials are packed in 25 kg bags and they are ready to use. Just add water as indicated in technical data sheets. Plaster, stucco, mortar and screen can therefore be applied immediately.

Products are easy to apply, both manually and using plastering machines.


Healthy building  to live better.

Edilcanapa aims to create a comfortable space, with the right temperature, the correct level of humidity and the high quality of the air.

The house is thus comfortable at any period of the year and at any time of the day.

Edilcanapa products balance heat exchange between the inside and the outside and the reduce  energy consumption, limiting the usage of thermal systems (heating, air conditioning and cooling).

Properties of the products

Breathability refers to the ability of a material to be crossed by humid air. The more a material is breathable, the lower is the possibility of condensation presence on walls.

Thermal insulation is the heat containg property a wall has. Thermal insulation materials strongly reduces  the heat passing through.

Thermal inertia is the ability of a material or structure to vary its temperature more or less slowly. The ability of lime and hemp products is to maintain an almost constant temperature in both summer and winter.

Acoustic insulation means the ability of a material to limit the diffusion of sound. Hemp wood and lime products, with their mass reduces the sound passing by.

Hemp and lime materials are long lasting thanks to the hydraulic lime.

They also are safe, because they are fire resistent and they do not release fumes and harmful gasses. Their ductile behaviour

they have a ductil time the became a unique material  internal and external environment, adapting and maintaining themselves over time. Natural materials are also safer in the event of a fire risk, as they do not release fumes and harmful gasses.

Thanks to the breathability of Edilcanapa materials, the air you breathe in the house is filtered by the process of interchange of humidity and oxygen that operate the internal and external coverings, which makes the environment healthy and suitable for our lifestyle.

The mixture of lime and hemp is 100% natural, completely biodegradable and recyclable.

All products are made with raw materials exclusively of natural origin: renewable hemp wood for building, natural hydraulic lime, vegetable origin additives. This is why EDILCANAPA products are completely recyclable and biodegradable.