EDILCANAPA, building a better future


EDILCANAPA brand is born from the careful research of a technical staff specialized in the home and furniture sector that over the years built it

The need to broaden the horizons, resulted in the investigation of natural materials, which could, first support environmental protection and from the other hand improve the quality of human life.

Solution finds inspiration in the past, from the recovery of ancient materials, a super popular trend flowing every area nowadays, seen from the food industry to the personal and house care; The material that caught our eyes the most is the SATIVA HEMP.

This precious and multipurpose plant, due to its properties, shaped immediately for the noble aims of GREEN BUILDING AREA

The wood coming from the hemp stam, suitably treated, has been matched to another old material that, since the dawn of the time, is used in the building sector: the LIME.


EDILCANAPA products range is wide open, and allows the realization of every type of coverings on all types of constructions (new infrastructures, renovations and repairs) ensuring thermal stability.

All products are heat insulating, dehumidifying and sound absorbing. They are hygroscopic and therefore permeable to water vapor but at the same time resistant to frost, fire, insects and rodents.

The average density of our products is 300 kg/m3, the extreme lightness makes them suitable in the renovation of old houses where the structure cannot be growed stoutly.

The Edilcanapa conglomerate or bio-brick adapts perfectly to any kind of load-bearing frame, whether it is in wood, steel or reinforced concrete.

The products are supplied in 25 kg bags and the distinguishing element is the fact they are already mixed. The convenience of having a premixed product, and therefore a ready for use product, guarantees the containment of waste in the preparation of the mix. Just add water as indicated in the instructions and the product is ready to be applied. Plaster, stucco, mortar and screen can therefore be applied immediately.

The products are effortless to apply, both manually and using plastering machines, with an excellent grip and the ability to dry quickly, guaranteeing the end of the work in a short time.


The trend towards healthy building is therefore a desire to create environments in which to live better. The characteristics of a comfortable home are the right temperature, the correct level of humidity and the high quality of the air present in the rooms.

The house is thus comfortable at any time of the year and at any time of the day, because it manages to maintain a constant temperature; All of this thanks to the balance of heat exchange between the inside and the outside and the reducing in energy consumption, limiting the usage of thermal systems (heating, air conditioning and cooling).

Properties of the products

Breathability refers to the ability of a material to be crossed by humid air. The more a material is breathable, the lower the possibility of condensation forming on its surface.


Thermal insulation is mainly aimed at containing the heat inside buildings.
Thermal insulation materials are those that oppose the passage of heat, this is possible due to the hemp fiber contained in the Edilcanapa blend.

Thermal inertia is the ability of a material or structure to vary its temperature more or less slowly. The ability of lime and hemp coatings to conserve heat therefore makes it possible to maintain an almost constant temperature in both summer and winter.

Acoustic insulation means the ability of a material to limit the diffusion of sound, the more porous the material, the more it can be defined as sound absorbing. The hempwood, as defined by the name, is the woody part of the hemp, and it is in itself a very porous material and therefore suitable for this purpose.

The use of only natural materials guarantees a longer life than traditional materials, as the products live in symbiosis with the internal and external environment, adapting and maintaining themselves over time. Natural materials are also safer in the event of a fire risk, as they do not release fumes and harmful gasses.

Thanks to the breathability of Edilcanapa materials, the air you breathe in the house is filtered by the process of interchange of humidity and oxygen that operate the internal and external coverings, which makes the environment healthy and suitable for our lifestyle.

The mixture of lime and hemp is 100% natural, completely biodegradable and recyclable.

All products are made with raw materials exclusively of natural origin: certified hemp wood for building, hydraulic lime, natural additives of vegetable origin and all this makes the product completely recyclable and biodegradable.