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CANAPAMIX is the name of a range of natural premixed plasters, highly breathable and ad dehumidifying, made of hemp wood, natural lime and additives that properly mixed with clean water give rise to an easy mortar application both manually or by machine.
During its production process it has low embodied energy, respecting the principles of social and environmental sustainability. Available in different grain sizes and densities.


Il CANAPAMIX è l’intonaco premiscelato termico naturale ideale in tutte le condizioni edilizie. Evita la realizzazione di intercapedini, non appesantisce la struttura, è perfetto per le nuove costruzioni e garantisce prestazioni eccezionali nelle ristrutturazioni e nei risanamenti. È adatto a qualsiasi supporto (laterizio, legno, cemento ecc.) per spessori fino a 10 cm (da posare in più passaggi, 1,5 cm per volta) sia interno che esterno.


  • cold and heat insulation (guarantees good thermal displacement values)
  • mold and condensation reduction thanks to the high breathability
  • ideal for of historic buildings restoration
  • excess moisture absorbtion
  • acoustic comfort
  • low embedded energy
  • fire resistant
  • excellent compressive strength


The surfaces must be homogeneous, clean and well cohesive.
Remove any dusty or crumbly residues, organic formations and/or any other defects.
Wet the support before application, especially during hot and windy days.
To improve the grip on difficult surfaces, make a partial surface assignment
(pitting) and apply a “base plaster” (roughcast) on the walls to be plastered, using the same
CANAPAMIX. Then wait for it to get a grip.
Mix CANAPAMIX with clean water using a concrete mixer, a planetary or with mechanical stirrer for about 4-5 minutes, until you get a homogeneous mixture . Let it rest for
a few minutes before the application.
Then proceed with the installation up to a maximum thickness of 1.5 cm per coat, until you get the required thickness (CANAPAMIX2 maximum 10 cm – CANAPAMIX3 maximum 1,5 cm).
For a correct application, it is recommended to use guides and / or edge protectors
and level the material with an aluminum straightedge trowel. You can apply CANAPAMIX
manually using a trowel or a “peristaltic” plastering machine providing automatic water dosing. In case of CANAPAMIX2 application, finish the wall Canapastuck and after 30 days painted with natural and breathable paintings (Canapittur). CANAPAMIX 3 can be directly painted.

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