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CANAPASTUCK is a premixed natural stucco, with excellent coverage e filling, suitable for interiors and external use. It is a high quality ecological product, made of natural origin raw materials: hemp wood, NHL 5 hydraulic lime  and specific additives that mixed with clean water develop an easy-to-apply finishing putty.It has a medium-fine particle size, property of thermal insulation, low embodied energy respecting the principles of environmental sustainability.


Mix CANAPASTUCK with clean water using  a planetary mixer or a mechanical stirrer at low number of turns, until getting a an homogeneous dough free of lumps. Let it rest for a few minutes before application. Then apply it within 45 minutes, taking care to empty the container completely. Roll the dough with a metal spatula (wet the support especially if it is an old one). Wait 1 to 2 hours before the second layer.Wait 10-20 minutes and then pass a trowel sponge to uniform the surface without joints and overlaps. After 30 days,  you can proceed to paint the surface using  breathable products (Canapittur).


CANAPASTUCK is the natural premixed stucco to be used in all building conditions. It is perfect for new buildings and it gives  outstanding performances in renovations, requalifying and restorations. It is fully compatible with traditional, thermal or raw premixed plasters, applied in thicknesses of 3-5 mm.


  • mold and condensation reduction thanks to the high breathability
  • ideal for of historic buildings restoration
  • excess moisture absorbtion
  • acoustic comfort
  • low embedded energy
  • fire resistant

Do not use below + 5 ° C and above + 30 ° C. Do not use on frozen or thawing substrates, or at risk of freezing during the next 24 hours. In summer, protect from rapid drying by keeping the substrate moist.

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