CANAPAMAS, the premixed conglomerate for screeds is natural and ecological made up of high quality raw materials and natural additives such as NHL 5hydraulic lime and hemp wood. It’s a massive insulation material combining insulation properties and thermal inertia, soundproofing and dehumidification, low embodied energy during its process productive, thus respecting the principles of social and environmental sustainability


The CANAPAMAS is ideal for all conditions construction, new buildings, renovations,

and restorations. It is used for  thermal, acoustic and dehumidifying insulation of roofs, attics, all types of screeds, on floors or ground floor. It well adapts to any surface, applied in thicknesses from 6 to 30 cm. It is light, flexible, breathable and compatible with current technologies. It is recommended as a finishing screed the application of CANAPAMS BM11.


There are no special details warnings in the preparation of surfaces. In any case, remove debris or any other material in advance. It is recommended to moisten. Mix in a planetary mixer with clean water for about 5-6 minutes until obtaining a homogeneous mixture. If manually applied, for a correct application place guides, evenly distribute the mixture and compress it suitably and level the product with an aluminum straightedge. Wait it dries and then proceed to lay the load-bearing screed.


  • cold and heat insulation (guarantees good thermal displacement values)
  • mold and condensation reduction thanks to the high breathability
  • ideal for of historic buildings restoration
  • excess moisture absorbtion
  • acoustic comfort
  • low embedded energy
  • fire resistant
  • excellent compressive strength

Do not use below + 5 ° C and above + 30 ° C. Do not use on frozen or thawing substrates, or at risk of freezing during the next 24 hours. In
summer, protect from rapid drying by keeping the substrate moist.

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