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Edilcanapa premixed mortars have natural origin raw materials: dedusted hemp wood, natural hydraulic lime and specific additives that suitably dosed and mixed with clean water give rise to easy mortars application. During the production process they have low embodied and high energy ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and they respect the principles of social and environmental sustainability.


CANAPAMALTA is used as a binder in wall and partioning construction made with CANAPLOCK, the eco-friendly hemp and hydraulic lime bricks or with traditional ones. Ecellent for closing traces, remaking interstices,. CANAPACOLL is used as an adhesive for insulating panels and tiles.


Mix the mortar with clean water using a planetary mixer or a mechanical stirrer for about 4-5 minutes until you get homogeneous mixture. let it rest for a few minutes before application. Then proceed with laying as a normal mortar


  • It reduces mold and condensation because of its high breathability
  • it is exellent for historic building restoration
  • breaks down thermal bridges caused by common mortars
  • go enticement
  • ecological low energy incorporates
  • excellent compressive strength

Do not use below + 5 ° C and above + 30 ° C. Do not use on frozen or thawing substrates, or at risk of freezing during the next 24 hours.
In summer, protect from rapid drying by keeping the substrate moist.

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