Hemp wood panel


SALUBERPAN® is a self-supporting, rigid, thermal and acoustic insulation sheet. Ideal for the construction of walls with cavities, counter-walls, reconstruction of walls with insulating cavities. It can be used as insulation in frames, for ceilings and floors, or as an alternative to all applications where plasterboard is foreseen.

SALUBERPAN® offers several advantages over traditional solutions, allowing high technical performance to be achieved with reduced thickness and weight.


SALUBERPAN® is used for dry with cavities walls construction and partitions, counter-walls with insulating cavities, as an insulator in frames, ceilings and floors.


  • Cold and heat insulation
  • Acoustic comfort improvement
  • Sound absorbing
  • Easy to application, even for dry construction
  • Excellent in combination with lime and hemp products


SALUBERPAN® can be applied on existing walls, on wooden battens or steel frames. For application on existing walls, once the panels have been  positioned, make holes for the fixing anchors using a drill with a helix bit and insert them. Ialian Law requires minimum of 8 panel anchors. Proceed with plastering and smoothing.




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