Hemp and lime green block


CANAPLOCK is an eco-friendly ecological, sustainable and biocompatible block, made of natural raw materials and additives such as NHL 5 hydraulic lime and sheaves (wood of SAVITA hemp plant). It is an insulation material which combines insulation properties and thermal mass (conductivity and thermal inertia).

During its production process it has low embodied energy and ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, respecting the principles of social and environmental sustainability.


CANAPLOCK is for external and internal use and for all constructions insulating masonry in combination with reinforced concrete, steel or wood supporting frame.

It is also used internal dividers.It is ideal for dehumidification and insulation retraining – internal and external of existing buildings.


Use  Canapamalta for CANAPLOCK lay down.  Cut the block, if needed, using an electric or manual tooth saw.Finish the internal and/or external wall using CANAPAMIX 2-CANAPASTUCK or CANAPAMIX 3.


  • Insulating from cold and heat (it guarantees excellent values of thermal displacement)
  • Reducing mold and condensation thanks to its high breathability
  • Resisting to fire and frost
  • Absorbing and releasing excess moisture
  • Improving acoustic comfort thanks to its powersound absorbing
  • Ideal for construction in seismic areas
  • Ecological for its low embedded energy
  • Recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle
  • Excellent compressive strength

Do not use below + 5 ° C and above + 30 ° C.
Do not use on frozen or thawing substrates, or at risk of freezing during the next 24 hours.
In summer, protect from rapid drying by keeping the substrate moist.

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