CANAPITTUR is a hemp, styrene-acrylic and siloxane binders having a high water repellency and at the same time a high permeability to water vapor (transpiration).CANAPITTUR has a structure similar to quartz sands and it is prepared with high quality pigments. CANAPITTUR is available for external use, bush-hammered paint thanks to the addition of hemp wood and for internal use without hemp siloxane base only. For internal use it is available acrylic-based and breathable.


CANAPITTUR can be used in any building conditions, in new buildings, renovations, requalifications and restorations. It is used for all interior and exterior wall painting applications.


CANAPITTUR was formulated to protect the wall surface having high performances related to:

  • resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric agents
  • water resistent (water repellency) and self-cleaning.
  • Permeability to water vapor (breathability)
  • mold and condensation reductions
  • excess moisture absorbtion


New walls:
The surface must be dry, not crumbly and free of salt and moisture. It is essential and
essential a coat of fixative CANAPRIMER using a brush. Wait 24 hours and then apply two hands of CANAPITTUR, the second one at least 12 hours after the first.

Painted and / or degraded walls:
On painted walls with lime or silicate paint you just need to carefully clean the surface from dirt, salt deposits and then proceed as for new walls.
If the wall is washable or plastic coating painted, you have to remove it till you find the the virgin plaster. Insulate the clean wall with a brush coat of CANAPRIMER fixative. Wait 24 hours and then apply two coats of CANAPITTUR, the second one after at least 12 hours from the first.

Do not use below + 5 ° C and above + 30 ° C and during windy days.
Apply with two-coat brush in.
Do not apply with environment humidity > 80%.
Dry to touch: 1 hour.
Drying in depth: 24 hours.
Storage: store CANAPITTUR in original containers well closed and so it remains stable for 12 months, as long as kept in areas where temperature is not below + 5 ° C and above + 40 ° C.
Wash tools using clean water.

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