COLORSTUCK is an outdoor coating based on styrene-acrylate binder and siloxane modified with silanes to give a high water repellency and a great vapor permeability.

COLORSTUCK is prepared with high quality quartz and marble grit fillers.

It is available in three different sizes:

Available grains: max 1.0 mm – max 1.2 mm – max 1.5 mm


COLORSTUCK is a protection and decoration product for external walls to which it gives a higher water repellency and resistance to atmospheric agents (UV radiation), leaving the breathability of the masonry unchanged. COLORSTUCK has a low content of volatile organic solvents (VOC) and complies with Regulation 2004/42/EC.


On new walls
The surface must be dry, not crumbly and free of salts and moisture. Apply a coat of COLORPRIMER fixative, after 24 hours, proceed with COLORSTUCK.

On supports already painted and/or degraded
Clean the surface thoroughly from dirt, salts, scale and the like. In case of moulds, clean the surface with CANACLEAN. If the wall is not perfectly cohesive paint, remove detached parts. Apply a coat of COLORPRIMER fixative by brush and, after 24 hours, proceed with COLORSTUCK.

Do not use below +5 ºF and above +35 ºF
Do not use on frozen supports, during thawing or at risk of frost in the following 24 hours.
Do not add paint with other paints.
Dispose of the packaging of the materials according to current local/ national regulations. For material waste on site, if not reusable, follow the standard procedures provided.

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